Who We Are

"JAN PARIVARTAN" is a Non Governmental organization trust, Which is founded in 2016 for the purpose to changement in the society in different Ways.

Our primary focus on:
Financial help to the girls on thier marriage,
Save environment
Health system

What We Do

We have start our work from education system becuase it's main cause by which India can growth and people will be educated. Education is the main root of any success so our primary focus is on Education.

After getting a flow on education system we have decided to do work on financial help to the girls who actually need help for her marriage.

Why "Jan Parivartan"

We have seem's that there are many NGO's in India they are doing good work in different fields, But still we have founded that there are many children's are begging,uneducated,many poor girls who's father is no still more or many other regions they are unable to do their marriage due to financial condition.

All many these kind of reasons we have started a society to change the way of doing work, we have decided that we will go to different NGO's who actually doing work on field label and work together.